15 June: Data Management Planning for Life Science (by ELIXIR Norway, Digital Life Norway and university research teams)

A Data Management Workshop for scientists involved in life science research in Norway will take place 15 June 09.00 AM to 16 June 13.00 PM.

Data management in capital letters. Illustration.

Time: 15 - 16 June

All projects that receive funding from the RCN are required to submit a data management plan as soon as possible after the contract with the RCN has been signed. This workshop focuses on how-to generate a data management plan for a Life Science research project that will meet the requirements of the RCN.

If you join the workshop online you may bring your project proposal. You will get the opportunity to set up a data management plan for your project.

The workshop is organized by ELIXIR Norway, Digital Life Norway and the University Research Data teams.

See more information and register on the Digital Life Norway's website

The registration deadline is 7 June 2021.