22-27 Sep: CodeRefinery Workshop (6 half-days)

This CodeRefinery online workshop will take place during 6 half-days over two weeks, September 20-22 and September 27-29, 2022.

In this course, you will become familiar with tools and best practices for scientific software development.

The course will not teach a programming language, but teach the tools you need to do programming well and avoid common inefficiency traps. The tools we teach are practically a requirement for any scientist that has to do their own programming. The main focus is on using Git for efficiently writing and maintaining research software.


The workshop will be held online. There are several options at how to join the workshop.


For up-to-date schedule please visit the course’s page https://coderefinery.github.io/2022-09-20-workshop/.


For details about registration, please see instructions on the central workshop page: https://coderefinery.github.io/2022-09-20-workshop/