8-9 June: Introduction to Quantium Computing & Hybrid HPC-QC Systems

Recent developments in quantum technology are bringing the world closer to a new technological revolution – the advent of usable quantum computers able to provide enormous acceleration to important computational tasks .

In coming years, quantum computing is expected to have a huge impact on practically all areas of research that can utilise computational modelling.

ENCCS, the EuroCC national competence center in Sweden, is now joining forces with the new NordIQuEst project to deliver a two-day training workshop covering the fundamentals of quantum computing (QC), including:

  • Introduction to key concepts: quantum states, qubits, quantum algorithms
  • QC programming in high-level languages for use cases in optimisation, finance and quantum chemistry followed by testing quantum programs to esure their correctness
  • Overview of the main QC hardware approaches
  • Integration of QC with classical computing: hybrid classical/quantum algorithms and HPC-QC systems

Morning lectures are combined with afternoon hands-on sessions where participants learn to use high-level QC programming languages using simulators, as well as real QC hardware.

For further information and registration, see the event webpage: https://enccs.se/events/2022-06-quantum-computing/