Resource Allocation Committee

All  research  entities  in  Norway  that  receive  public  funding  support  for  research may apply for access to the infrastructure.  Applications and the scientific merit of the research activity are evaluated by a Resource Allocation Committee (RFK), appointed by the Sigma2 Board.

Access to the infrastructure is subject to criteria that are defined in a general policy and detailed guidelines for resource allocation.

Sigma2 carries out the administration for the Resource Allocation Committee and supports the Comittee in evaluation of the proposals and the allocation of the resources.


Members of the current RFK (2019 - )

Name Position Affiliation
Lex Nederbragt (chair) Senior Lecturer Department of Biosciences, UiO
Kristin Hagen Senior Engineer Dep of Lingustics and Scandinavian Studies, UiO
Anne Cathrine Elster Professor Department of Computer Science, NTNU
Ingve Simonsen Professor Department of Physics, NTNU
Kathrin Hopmann Asscociate Prof. Department of Chemistry, UiT
Lars Ailo Bongo  Professor Department of Computer Science, UiT
Benjamin Pfeil Senior Engineer Geophysical Institue, UiB
Øystein Godøy Senior Researcher Norwegian Meterological Institute
Gunn Inger Lyse Samdal Researcher Dep of Linguistic, Literary and Aesthetic Studies, UiB


Members of the RFK 2015 - 2018

Replacing the Research Council of Norway as the formal owner of the resource allocation process of national e-infrastructure resources, the Board of Directors appointed the first UNINETT Sigma2 Resource Allocation Committee in February 2015. 

Professor Knut Børve (chair), Department of Chemistry, UiB
Senior Lecturer Lex Nederbragt, CEES, UiO
Senior Researcher, Øystein Godøy, Norwegian Meterological Institute
Professor Noel Keenlyside, Geophysical Institute, UiB
Senior Engineer Dag Endresen, Natural History Museum, UiO
Senior Researcher Ole Anders Nøst, Akvaplan-Niva
Professor Ingve Simonsen, Department of Physics, NTNU
Senior Engineer Anders Nøklestad, Dep. of Lingustics and Scandinavian Studies, UiO