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Allocation of national e-infrastructure resources in 2021.1

The allocation period 2021.1 started 1 April. Nearly 2000 researchers affiliated to 460 different research projects have been granted allocations on the national e-infrastructure resources.

The Resource Allocation Committee has recently had their biannual allocation meeting, discussing the scientific merit of the incoming research applications for period 2020.1

Almost 600 million CPU-hours have been allocated to about 350 different research projects, while more than 100 projects have received nearly 11 PB in total on the national e-infrastructure resources for HPC and scientific data. 

Minutes from the RFK-meeting and the yearly RFK strategy seminar are available on web (both in Norwegian).

Did you miss the deadline?

Proposals might be submitted outside the regular calls. However, such applications will only be processed after the start of the next period. New proposals are processed continuously.

If a project exhausts its allocations before the end of the on-going allocation period, the project manager can also submit a request for an extra allocation for the remainder of the period. There are no deadlines for such requests. Requests for extra allocations are subject to available capacity on the facilities. This also applies to proposals submitted outside regular calls.

Expanding Betzy and Saga

We are happy to announce that the compute capacity of Betzy and Saga will soon be expanded. If all goes according to plan, both machine expansions will be completed by the end of April. Read more details about the upcoming expansion here.