PRACE: 72 million core-hours awarded to Norwegian researcher

The Norwegian researcher Boris Vilhelm Gudiksen, University of Oslo has received TIER-0 supercomputing resources from the PRACE 15th project call.


Associate Professor Gudiksen and his research project Dynamics of a solar active region was granted with 72 million core-hours on Marconi - KNL supercomputer at Cineca, Italy.

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Apply now for resources to PRACE

The next PRACE Call for project proposals is now open and finishes 21 November 2017.

Norwegian researchers are invited to apply for HPC resources from Europe's fastest supercomputers in the PRACE 16th Call for Proposals for Project Access. In this call, there are almost 1.9 billion CPU-hours available on nine supercomputing systems, so-called Tier-0 systems, from five countries. 

Read more about the call, the various systems and the application process:


Sigma2s role in PRACE

Supported by The Norwegian Research Council, UNINETT Sigma2 is the Norwegian partner in the PRACE collaboration. The main role for Sigma2 is to govern and coordinate the Norwegian participation on behalf of the partners. The coordinating activities consist of represeting Norway in the governance structure of the collaborations, planning the Norwegian participation in the project work packages and the project funding management. 

Third parties for UNINETT Sigma2 in PRACE are the University of Oslo and the Norwegian University for Technology and Science.