Get immediate access to compute resources

Sigma2 is pleased to announce SSEW - a brand new service for small scale exploratory work.

Free Supercomputing Course Offered Online

Are you interested in discovering how supercomputers work and the real-life scientific breakthroughs made possible by today’s computer simulations?

Migration to NIRD in progress

The migration of data to NIRD has started and the first users will get access during July.

Call for e-infrastructure resources

The deadline for applying for allocations for period 2017.2 is 21 August 2017. The earliest project start is 1 October 2017.

Sigma2 gjennom Forskningsrådets nåløye

I svært hard konkurranse har UNINETT Sigma2 sluppet gjennom nåløyet, og vunnet frem med sin søknad om midler til forskningsinfrastruktur.

Continuous call for Advanced User Support

Applications for Project-based advanced user support are handled continuously and may thus be submitted at any time and outside regular calls.

Increasing Digital Competences within Humanities

Interested people are invited to a one-day Kick-off Workshop in the project 'Increasing Digital Competences within Humanities'.

Delayed delivery of Fram

UNINETT Sigma2 announces delayed delivery of Fram due to hardware problems.

Information for users of Sigma2 HPC resources

Sigma2 invites all interested scientists, whose projects fit the criteria of the PRACE Preparatory Access Call, to submit their projects. The next cut-off date is 1 June, 2017.

Winner of the PRACE Ada Lovelace Award for HPC

Professor Dr Frauke Gräter, Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies (HITS) and University of Heidelberg, Germany is the winner of the PRACE Ada Lovelace Award for HPC.