B1 becomes Betzy

The Metacenter has agreed on Betzy in naming the new supercomputer, previously known as B1.


Just after the summer holidays, all employees in the Norwegian Metacenter were invited to participate in the finding of a name for the new cluster B1. The competition was organized in two steps. First, we collected suggestions and thereafter, we compiled a short-list of practical suggestions and conducted a voting. Eventually, Betzy was named the winner.

The supercomputer is named after Mary Ann Elizabeth (Betzy) Stephansen, the first Norwegian woman with a Ph.D in mathematics. Read the interesting story of Betzy at NMBUs webpages (in Norwegian).

The most powerful supercomputer in Norway

Betzy is a BullSequana XH2000, provided by Atos, and will  give Norwegian researchers more than 5 times more capacity than previously, with a theoretical peak performance of 5.9  PetaFlops. The supercomputer, which will be placed at NTNU in Trondheim, will be available to users during the second half of 2020.


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