Be prepared for LUMI EuroHPC system

UPDATE 2020-03-27:

The physical meeting will be cancelled due to the national and international measures against Covid-19. We are looking into options to host this meeting per video.


Join Sigma2s user meeting 31 March, where we will give information on the coming LUMI EuroHPC system and discuss how to prepare major Norwegian HPC research applications for it.

The EuroHPC LUMI system, in which Sigma2 holds a share of the computing capacity, is expected to enter production early 2021. Although this system will contain a large number of CPU nodes, it will be dominated by GPU nodes.

For this reason, substantial funding will be available for porting and adapting large highly parallel research applications to the system. 

Sigma2 is therefore pleased to invite our users to a LUMI user seminar 31 March. 

Who are the target groups?

The user meeting aims to assemble key project managers, software specialists from the projects and from the operations organization, together with invited external experts. Researchers from academia, contract research organizations and industry are assumed to participate. The purpose is to identify possible target applications for LUMI, and to get insight into needed software engineering efforts in preparing the applications.

Norwegian HPC project administrators are encouraged to participate in two capacities - administrator or research manager and developer or project member with intimate knowledge about the project's main application(s).

The event will be virtual for participants, and we will provide further information about how to participate closer to the event.

Seminar programme

DAY 1 - 31 MARCH
Time Topic
09:00 Introduction to the meeting
09:15 Porting scientific applications to GPU, by Axel Köhler, NVIDIA GmbH
[25 mins, 10 min break, 25 mins] 
10:15 Break
10:30 Accelerated hydrologic modelling: ParFlow GPU implementation”, by Jaro Hokkanen, FZ Jülich
[25 mins, 10 min break, 20 mins] 
11:25 Break
11:35 Information about LUMI
12:00 Adjourn

 DAY 2 - 1 April
Time Topic
09:00 Summary of day 1
09:15 GHEX: Generic Halo Exchange for Exascale”, by Marcin Krotkiewski, University of Oslo 
[15 mins, 5 mins break, 15 mins] 
09:50 Break
10:00 Experiences from porting to GPU at the Rosseland group, by Mats Carlsson, University of Oslo 
10:20 Break
10:30 Breakout room group work (1:20) 
11:50 Break
12:00 GPU services in the current Norwegian e-infrastructure
12:10 Advanced user Support (AUS) related to GPUs, national EuroHPC Competence Centre
12:30 Summary and conclusion of the meeting - invite to feedback
12:45 End of the day