Hi NIRD data owners, be ready to migrate

The Preparation for Operation Working Group 


We are happy to announce that the NIRD2020 Preparation for Operation Working Group (PoWG) has already started its activities.

The PoWG consists of experts in storage and research data from the Metacenter / Drift Organization.  

Meet the team!


Dhanya Pushpadas. Photo.
Dhanya Pushpadas, University of Bergen


Lorand Szentannai. Photo.
Lorand Szentannai, Sigma2


Francesca Iozzi. Photo.
Francesca Iozzi, Sigma2


Saerda Halifu. Photo.
Saerda Halifu, University of Oslo


Einar Lillebrygfjeld. Photo.
Einar Lillebrygfjeld, Uninett


Andreas Kalvå. Photo.
Andreas Kalvå, NTNU


Thierry Toutain. Photo.
Thierry Toutain. University of Oslo


Tore Aalberg. Photo.
Tore Aalberg, Sigma2


Helge Stranden. Photo.
Helge Stranden, Sigma2


Marco von Hulten. Photo.
Marco von Hulten, University of Bergen



The main task of the PoWG is to prepare and set the new National Storage infrastructure in production. See the planned schedule for more information.

The group will have the important task to effectively migrate the data from the old to the new storage during the second half of 2022. This is a demanding process, and to make it effectively and with no downtime, we need to plan properly in advance. In this preparation phase, we need your help to select, prepare and verify the data you need to migrate!  

Just start by going through your data and delete elements you do not need (duplicates, outdated, etc.). It is crucial to do this in the transition period to facilitate the migration of important data and to free up storage space.  

Do this in collaboration with your colleague, to make everything smoother! 

Over the next few months, you will be getting regular updates and reminders from us to prepare your data for migration. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us


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