Betzy news update week 26

The piloting test phase has now started on Betzy. More than 80 reseachers are currently exploring the brand new supercomputer, named after the mathematician Elizabeth Stephansen.

Banner photo by Espen Ali Johansen

As of 17 June, 23 projects and approximately 85 users have been invited to Betzy pilot testing.

For the time being there is enough diversity among the pilots, and more projects will not be invited in the near future. This is to follow up on current pilots and resolve any problems or obstacles for running jobs on the system. As informed earlier, pilot projects are invited individually and given access to the system in due course.

Migration to Betzy

The Piloting phase will last until after the summer holidays, and if everything runs ok, we anticipate starting the migration phase within 1 October. Please visit our migration information hub for more information about the process of migrating national e-infrastructure projects from Stallo and Vilje.

Statistics from Betzy piloting phase: 

  • At the time of writing, the pilot projects have together consumed approximately 30 million CPU hours.

Betzy piloting jobs
Jobs run and waiting in queue, per 17 June, 11:50.

Betzy piloting cores
Cores in use, pending in queue and available in total, per 17 June, 11:50.