How to change password

When you get access to a Notur or NorStore project you receive a SMS with a password. This has to be changed within 7 days.

1. Go to


2. Choose User Account from the top menu
3. Choose Change passwords



4. Fill in your username, the password you received on SMS and the resource you are going to change password at. Please note it might take some minutes till you receive the SMS.
5. Use the submit-button



6. Choose the resource you want to change password at
7. Fill in the old password (the password you receive on SMS)
8. Fill in your new password (see our password policy)
9. Repeat your new password
10. Use the submit-button

Please note that it might take up to one hour before you can log on to Vilje, 15 minutes for Stallo, Fram and NIRD, and for Abel you can log on the next working day.