About Sigma2


UNINETT Sigma2 AS manages the national infrastructure for computational science in Norway and offers services in High Performance Computing (HPC) and Data Storage. The services are organized into infrastructural activities, financed by the Research Council of Norway and the Sigma2 consortium partners, which are the universities in Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim and Tromsø.

Services are available to individuals and groups involved in  research and education at Norwegian universities and colleges, and other organizations and project funded with public money. Cost efficient development, procurement, coordination and operation of the national e-infrastructure for research and education is the main focus for Sigma2.

In addition, UNINETT Sigma2 coordinates Norway's participation in Nordic and European e-infrastructure organizations and projects, like Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration (NeIC), Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe (PRACE) and European Data Infrastructure (EUDAT). 

The business is run non-profit. UNINETT Sigma2 is a subsidiary of UNINETT AS and its head office is in Trondheim. 


Sigma2 consortium partners - The Metacenter

There are four universities hosting the Sigma2 consortium partners. These are:

National coordination and shared, consolidated resources have cost and efficiency advantages but creates a “distance” to the end-users (researchers)​. This is countered by keeping the support staff and competence near where the research is going on, at the universities​. The highly qualified staff at the universities provide expertise to ensure that researchers can make optimal use of the resources via a variety of user support services. 

Together, Sigma2 and the university staff form a pool of competence - the Metacenter. 


The Metacenter