Archive: Frequently asked questions


Why should I store my data in the Archive?

Research data is expensive (in time and money) to produce and tends to be of lasting value. Many researchers do not have the facilities to keep their data for a long period of time. The Archive provides a service to deposit and share your research data to a wider audience.

What type of data can be stored in the Archive?

The Archive will operate on a “subject to approval” basis and will accept any type of research data from Norwegian academically funded projects that is no longer considered propriatory.

Who can store data in the Archive?

Access to the Archive is subject to approval. Authorised academically funded researchers in Norway can submit their datasets to the archive. The datasets must be the result of Norwegian publicly funded (wholly or partly) project and must conform with the open access policy (e.g. Norwegian License for Open Data [1] or Creative Commons V4 [2]).

Who can access data in the Archive?

The metadata for all published datasets is freely accessible. Access to published, public datasets is available to anyone.


How can I store data in the Archive?

The Archive provides two means of uploading data. The first is through a web interface  that allows researchers to deposit remote datasets. Datasets stored on the norstore project area can be deposited using a command line interface. In both cases the data set must be accompanied by metadata (a description of the data) which can be completed using the web interface. The uploaded data can be submitted for archival via the web interface.