Advanced User Support

An increasing number researchers are benefitting of the technologically advanced services that Sigma2 offers through the Advanced User Support (AUS) service.


Advanced User Support offers help that goes beyond the general (basic) user support to provide specialised and more in-depth competence to a research group or community. As of December 2017, more than ten research projects are getting access to advice and dedicated efforts from highly competent IT experts.

The research projects represent different scientific fields, in example chemistry, medical sciences, biosciences and political science.

For some projects, advanced computing and storage services can be a challenge to adopt and utilise effectively. Hence, the intention of the advanced user support is to contribute to effective and optimal use of the national computing and data-storage facilities, and thus to boost the potential exploitation of the e-infrastructure. As an example, one of the latest AUS projects has accomplished a 18 times improvement in the execution time of time-steps in a complex model. Naturally, this greatly benefits both the researcher, who’s model runs are now much faster, as well as everyone else, since the compute cluster where the model is running is much better utilised.


Are you interested in Advanced User Support?

All you need to do is to send an initial inquiry to We will further help projects in concretising the problem and evaluate if it can be addressed by AUS.

Applications for Project-based Advanced User Support are handled continuously and may thus be submitted at any time.