Advanced user support from Sigma2 contributes to CO2 storage

Photo credit: Harald Pettersen/Equinor ASA
The CO2 DataShare Portal will soon be put into use by CO2 storage projects.

The CO2 DataShare Portal project, which was granted advanced user support from Sigma2 in 2018, was established with the intent to ensure a long-term solution for sharing CO2 storage data among pioneering international CO2 storage projects.

In a recent press release Equinor informs that they will disclose datasets from the Sleipner field through the CO2 DataShare Portal in a push to advance innovation and development on the field of CO2 storage.

All data will be published via  the SINTEF-led CO2 Data Share Consortium  in September this year, a partnership supported by the Norwegian CLIMIT research programme, UNINETT Sigma2 and the US Department of Energy.

The digital platform of the project builds on Uninett Sigma2's solution for data storage combined with a portal developed using the open source software CKAN.

PHOTO CREDIT: Harald Pettersen/Equinor ASA


Why is Advanced User Support useful?

The Advanced User Support service from Sigma2 offers help that goes beyond the general basic user support to provide specialized and more in-depth competence to a research group or community. 

Advice and dedicated efforts from highly competent IT experts can boost the potential exploitation of HPC resources and data services. As an example, one of the latest AUS projects has accomplished a 18 times improvement in the execution time of time-steps in a complex model.

- Naturally, this greatly benefits both the researcher, who’s model runs are now much faster, as well as everyone else, since the compute cluster where the model is running is much better utilized, says special advisor and responsible for the Advanced User Support service in Sigma2, Hans A. Eide.

Research projects receiving advanced user support represent different scientific fields, in example chemistry, medical sciences, biosciences and political science.

Researchers interested in AUS should not hesitate to contact UNINETT Sigma2 for more information.