Application evaluation

The allocation process for computing and storage resources follows a strictly regulated and defined process. Access to the infrastructure is subject to criteria that are defined by the Resource Allocation Committee (RFK). The criteria include:

  • scientific merit of the research activity
  • the feasibility of using the infrastrucure
  • the type of usage
  • guarantees for proper curation of the data collections

The decisions of the RFK are further guided by the following:

  • Quality and completeness of the application
  • Quality and state-of-the-art of the solution methods and software
  • Scientific value and impact, e.g., internationally competitive research
  • Expected measurable output in number of publications and students (master and PhD).
  • Demonstrated need for access to leading-edge compute or storage facilities
  • New user groups and disciplines are given higher priority
  • The request for resources (type and amount) must be reasonable. E.g., projects that repeatedly overestimate their needs (i.e., use considerably less resources than they applied for) in successive allocation periods will be reduced in size.

Also, aspects of security, confidentiality, privacy, ownership, provenance and formats of the data, restrictions for access to the data, documentations and overall consistency of the supplied information  are considered. Shortage of capacity is handled by prioritization of the proposals or other forms of compromize

For the evaluation of an application, the Resource Allocation Committee may choose to consult experts in the scientific and engineering area of the application and experts in techniques for efficient resource utilization.

The Resource Allocation Committee reserves the right to alter the request for resources, especially the capacity of the requested facilities is insufficient. In such case, an application may be reduced in size or assigned to another facility. The request for resources may also be altered if the request appears to be too large and/or the need for the amount of resources is not sufficiently motivated.


Once an application has been approved, a project will established on the machine(s) that is valid for the period that has been applied for. The applicant will be responsible for this project and must keep an overview of the usage of the allocation(s) by the project. The applicant must ensure that the allocation(s) are used only for the activities specified in the application