Apply for e-infrastructure resources

Researchers can apply for an allocation on a number of computing and storage facilities in the national e-infrastructure.

  • HPC: An allocation on a compute facility is in the form of computing hours (processor core hours). In general, each compute facility consists of a number of nodes that are interconnected by a network. Each node contains a number of processors, memory and internal disk. All nodes  have access to centralized storage.
  • Storage: An allocation on a storage facility is in the form of disk space in Terabytes or Petabytes for data storage. The data to be stored must meet requirements for scientific quality.

All users must comply with applicable ICT procedures in place at their respective research institutions. You should be convinced that the resources that are being applied for, match the intended usage and the characteristics of the software that will be used.

The HPC and Storage-facilities have different hardware characteristics.The Resource Allocation Committee that evaluates the applications may modify a request for access to a specific facility, in case the proposed activity is believed to be more suited for another facility. In case of doubt, consult the support staff or UNINETT Sigma2 to get assistance in choosing the right platform.



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