Apply for e-infrastructure resources

Scientists and researchers can apply for access to Sigma2's e-infrastructure resources. A call for proposals is published twice a year, normally in January and August.  

New users:

  • In order to apply for resources on the HPC or storage facilites, it is necessary to send an application in the Sigma2s application tool

Existing projects

One can apply for multiple allocation periods in a single application. However, only apply for multiple periods if you are able to predict the future computational needs for the project. Also make sure that you keep track of the allocation period(s) that you have applied for already, to avoid that you submit multiple proposals at different points in time for the same allocation period.


Allocation types

The national e-infrastructure consists of a number of computing and storage facilities and resarchers can apply for an allocation on a number of these. Individuals and groups working on the same research project or closely related research projects are strongly encouraged to submit one (joint) application.

An allocation on a compute facility is in the form of computing hours (processor core hours). In general, each compute facility consists of a number of nodes that are interconnected by a network. Each node contains a number of processors, memory and internal disk. All nodes have access to centralized storage.

An allocation on a storage facility is in the form of disk space in Terabytes or Petabytes for data storage. The data to be stored must meet requirements for scientific quality.


Application evaluation

A Resource Allocation Committee (RFK) composed of leading Norwegian scientists evaluates the proposals and awards access to Sigma2 compute and storage resources. 

Proposals for access must demonstrate scientific excellence, scientific need and demonstrate that requested resources will be used efficiently. Further information about the evaluation of applications.