Community services


The NorStore project is in the process of setting up specific services for user communities. The user interfaces and services presented on these pages represent the services that are currently available and supported.

Special interfaces may be established for specific projects or communities. Such interfaces may become generally available if this is considered useful (or requested) by several projects.

The NorStore service does not currently include services for visualization of data, but the service will be expanded in the future to support such functionality.


Specific services supported on NorStore resource

Service Project/community Reference Contact
BioGateway Biology Semantic systems biology Martin Kuiper
NorMAP THREDDS Climate, wind energy
StoreBioInfo Portal Bio-informaticas

Kjell Petersen
Earth Systems Grid Climate ESG data node Mats Bentsen
ELMCIP Humanities ELMCIP Knowledge Base Scott Rettberg
LTR Humanities WEBDAV Stephan Oepen
z9 Mediacal imaging Jonas Ødegaard
UniKode Climate Martin King


Users are encouraged to provide feedback to UNINETT Sigma2 on the services and interfaces they believe should be supported on the resources.