Continuous call for Advanced User Support

Applications for Project-based advanced user support are handled continuously and may thus be submitted at any time and outside regular calls.


Advanced user support is special support given to scientists using the national HPC or storage services, or a combination of these. Advice and dedicated efforts from highly competent IT experts can boost the potential exploitation of HPC resources and data services. The intention is to help the scientists make better use of the services and hence improving the quality of their research.

What is advanced user support?

Advanced user support is classified in Discipline specific AUS and Project-based AUS. The two categories are different in terms of:

  • Who initiates the support
  • Length of support
  • Amount and type of support
  • Local involvement and commitment
  • Funding
  • Plans, follow-up and documentation

NEW: As of 2017, applications for Project-based AUS are handled continuously and may thus be submitted at any time and outside regular calls.

Examples for HPC and data storage

For the HPC services, AUS aims at helping scientists improve or extend the performance and capabilities of their applications. This can be done in a number of ways, including code parallelization, porting, optimization, benchmarking and improving user-interfaces. Advanced user support is also for scientists in need of high-end resources, but who are unfamiliar with parallel computing architectures and parallel programming languages.

For the storage services, AUS aims at helping scientists create data plans, work with sensitive data, define meta-data, finding good storage formats. In addition, it could cover data visualization or analytics.

More information

Read more about advanced user support in our service catalogue.

Science communities interested in discipline specific AUS are encouraged to contact UNINETT Sigma2 for more information.