Contract signed for new HPC system

Uninett Sigma2 AS has, in close cooperation with NTNU, UiB, UiO, and UiT, procured a new high performance computer (HPC), provisionally called C1.

The contract was signed with Hewlett Packard Enterprise and the supercomputer will be installed in March 2019, and will be available to pilot users during the forthcoming 2019.1 allocation period.

C1 is designed for data-driven (memory, IO) applications with a low degree of parallelism and demanding I/O needs, in particular demanding metadata needs. This is frequently experienced in bioinformatics applications. As previously announced Sigma2 has decided to invest in two separate technical solutions, in order to address the diversity of the compute needs. C1 is the first of these two systems to be commissioned.


The new supercomputer / technical specifications

The new supercomputer has a CPU computing capacity of approximately 85 million CPU hours
annually in total. The life expectancy of the new machine is four years, until 2023.

Main components:

  • 200 standard compute nodes, with 40 cores and 192 GiB memory each
  • 28 medium memory compute nodes, with 40 cores and 384 GiB of memory each
  • 8 big memory nodes, with 3 TiB and 64 cores each
  • 8 GPU nodes, with 4 NVIDIA GPUs and 2 CPUs with 384 GiB memory each
  • 8 login and service nodes with 192 cores in total
  • 1 PB high metadata performance BeeGFS scratch file system

Key figures:

  • Processor Cores: 10080
  • GPU units: 32
  • Internal Memory: 75 TiB
  • Internal disk: 91 TB NVMe
  • Central disk: 1 PB
  • Theoretical Performance (Rpeak): 645 TFLOPS

For more information please refer to Gunnar Bøe, Managing Director UNINETT Sigma2,
telephone.: 911 87 850

PICTURE:  Jan Røberg-Larsen (Bid Manager, HPE Norway), Philip Øverby (Territory Sales Manager, HPE Norway), Thomas L. Kraft (Managing Director, HPE Norway), Gunnar Bøe (Managing Director, Uninett Sigma2), Stein Inge Knarbakk (Senior Project Manager, Uninett Sigma2)