Data from Archive to Project area

The archive provides a way to download large datasets from the archive to the project area. In order to take advantage of this you need to be a member of a valid norstore project and be a registered user of the NorStore archive.
In the NorStore Archive, having located a dataset of interest, clicking on the "Download to project area" will direct you to the download page, if you have logged onto the archive, where you can select the project the dataset will be copied to.
Clicking the "Download" button will result in the dataset being queued for staging.
The staging process runs periodically and you can check the status of your download using theListDownloadDataset command from one of the norstore login nodes (
You can use the CancelDownloadDataset <UUID> command to cancel the active download with the identifier <UUID>.

You will receive an email once the download process has completed and the dataset will be downloaded to /projects/<project>/ARCHIVE_STAGEDIR/<user>/<UUID> where <project> is your norstore project id,<user> is your project area username and <UUID> is the identifier for the dataset.