Research Data

NIRD is the new National e-Infrastructure for Research Data. It is owned and operated by UNINETT Sigma2. It offers services and capacities to any scientific disciplines that require access to advanced, large scale or high-end resources for storing, processing, publishing research data or searching digtal databases and collections. Along with the national high-performance computing resources, NIRD forms the backbone of a national e-infrastructure for research and education in Norway. 

Scientific data is growing rapidly and is increasingly posing challenges for research instituions and their respective (local) IT departments. NIRD provides a scalable, flexible and secure facility for storing research data and offers software tools and applications to process such data, high performance computing systems and on-demand computing resources to meet the researchers needs and enable them to tackle their scientific challenges. The national infrastructure also provides services to help manage research data and to publish or share datasets.

Sigma2 offers two primary services on NIRD; the 'Storage of scientific project data' and a 'Research Data Archive’.

The illustration below shows the scientific data life cycle with the relevant Sigma2 services; ‘data planning’, ‘project data storage’ and ‘data archive’. The 'data archive+’ represents future anticipated services for long-term preservation and archiving of data.

            • 'Data Planning Tool' (PILOT), is a tool that will map requirements relating to
               research data

            • Active data, which is being processed or analysed, are typically stored in the 
              'Storage of scientific project data'

            • Publish data. When the primary results of a dataset has been published in a scientific journal
              or similar, it is recommended to publish the data. This requires metadata to be registered and the 
              data is made available to the general public via the 'Research Data Archive'.

UPDATED information about the deployment of NIRD during 2017

The demands for performance are significantly increased for NIRD, compared to Norstore, due to the fact the new HPC systems (e.g. Fram) and future on-demand services such as data analytics and visualization are directly connected to the storage infrastructure (NIRD). Project data on NIRD is accessible from the (new) HPC and compute systems. NIRD is complemented by a service platform that employs the UNINETT PaaS technology. It is based on Docker containers that are orchestrated and managed by Kubernetes. The platform will provide existing services and gradually users will see new applications and services deployed, eventually offered to users through an AppStore.

The transition from the existing infrastructure in Oslo to the new NIRD infrastructure in Tromsø and Trondheim is delayed, but is expected to start in the end of May 2017. New project allocations will be established on NIRD as soon as possible during June 2017.  The migration of data from existing projects to NIRD will start in late May and PIs will be contacted to finalise migration dates. The migration will last approximately 3,5 months. Please refer to Updated information about NIRD for more info.