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About NIRD

In the era of digital data, Scientific Research Data rappresent and provide huge resources for the scientific communities and for the innovation of the society it its whole. To facilitate the researching process, IT tools must be available to support researchers at any stage of the research data life cycle, from the early stages of the project planning, throughout the entire project life time and beyond. The rapid growth of Scientific data is however increasingly posing challenges for research institutions and their respective (local) IT departments. Furthermore, the need for preserving, sharing and making data available for reuse, in the light of the FAIR principles, requires IT-infrastructures built under the criteria of scalability and cost-effectiveness, with long term sustainability plan. 

 NIRD is the new National e-Infrastructure for Research Data. It is owned and operated by UNINETT Sigma2.  NIRD provides a flexible and secure facility for storing research data and offers software tools and applications to collect, store, process such data, high performance computing systems and on-demand computing resources to meet the researchers needs and enable them to tackle their scientific challenges. The national infrastructure also provides services to help manage research data and to publish or share datasets. Along with the national high-performance computing resources, NIRD forms the backbone of a national e-infrastructure for research and education in Norway.

Services on NIRD

The NIRD offers:

  • easyDMP, a tool to easily create and maintain a Data Management Plan 
  • Storage Service, to collect and store active dataset, i.e. data being processed and analyse
  • Service Platform, a flexible platform to offer services and host user defined services needing moderate to low computing capabilities  
  • Archive Data service, to archive and share the primary results of a dataset has been published in a scientific journal or similar

Differently from the old NORSTORE infrastructure, project data stored on the Storage Service on NIRD are accessible from the HPC computing systems and from the computing resources on the Service Platform. 


NIRD backbone, consisting of the data-storage infrastructure, has been established during 2017 and gradually all the other services are being released. The Storage Service is in production and all the data have been migrated from the old NORSTORE infrastructure to the NIRD. The projects specific services previously running on NORSTORE are being migrated. At the end of this process, the NORSTORE infrastructure will be dismissed. For all the other services, please check the status on the service's specific webpage.

More Documentation

Technical documentation about NIRD can be found here.