Many research funding agencies, in Europe and in Scandinavia, require data management plans to be submitted along with proposals for research grants. The aim of the plan is to show that the project will have procedures in place to ensure that the data are usuable during the lifetime of the project and that the data can be used after the project has finished.

However, the guidelines provided by the agencies are usually not detailed enough for researchers unfamiliar with data management to create a good plan.
EasyDMP is service that offers researchers, with minimal experience in data management, a simple way of creating Data Management Plan (DMP). This is achieved by transforming any funding agency's or institution’s data management guidelines and policies into a series of easy to answer questions, many containing a simple list of canned answers to pick from. The resulting plan can be used as a blueprint for researchers to put in place the necessary elements that ensure their data are adequately managed. The plan can be edited and shared, and also duplicated to serve as a starting point for other datasets.

The service has been developed by Sigma2 in collaboration with the EUDAT - the European Data Infrastructure Project (https://eudat.eu/).

Target group: 

The service is for every reseracher that need to create a Data management Plan. 


Access to the service is by FEIDE-authentication for Norwegian researcher and by B2ACCESS-authentication for european researchers. 


Status description: 

The service is in full production mode

Monday, April 30, 2018 - 10:24
Description of the service: 

The easyDMP is a web-service that allows the creation of the data managment plan by guiding the researcher through a set of questions tailored according to the reccomentations of different funding agencies and research autorities. Presently the H2020 reccomendations are implemented but more will be added in the near future. By minimizing the amount of free text fields and by organizing the questions into a strict logic structure, the easyDMP is able make the process of creating data plans easy. Once completed the questionnaire you will get an electronic document that can be directly attached to your proposal. 

User Documentation for the easyDMP can be found here:



The service is free of charge.

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The service is accessible here:


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