EUDAT is a  research data infrastructure initiative funded by the European Commission which aims to build a sustainable pan-European infrastructure for research data.

EUDAT brings together a unique consortium of 35 partners, including research communities, national data and high performance computing (HPC) centers, technology providers, and funding agencies from 15 countries.

EUDAT's vision is to enable European researchers and practitioners from any research discipline to preserve, find, access, and process data in a trusted environment, as part of a Collaborative Data Infrastructure (CDI) conceived as a network of collaborating, cooperating centers, combining the richness of numerous community-specific data repositories with the permanence and persistence of some of Europe's largest scientific data centers.

Currently, EUDAT is working with more than 30 scientific communities and has built a suite of five integrated services:

  • B2SHARE: a user-friendly, reliable and trustworthy service for researchers and communities to store and share small-scale research data coming from diverse contexts.
  • B2SAFE: a robust, safe and highly-available data management and replication service allowing community and departmental repositories to replicate and preserve their research data across EUDAT data nodes.
  • B2STAGE: a reliable, efficient, easy-to-use service to ship large amounts of research data between EUDAT data nodes and workspace areas of high-performance computing systems.
  • B2FIND: a simple, user-friendly portal for finding research data collections stored in EUDAT data centres and other data repositories.
  • B2DROP: a personal cloud solution based in the trusted EUDAT CDI domain to store and share datasets in the early state of the research data life cycle.

Sigma2s role in EUDAT

UNINETT Sigma2 is the Norwegian partner in this collaboration. Third Party for UNINETT Sigma2 in EUDAT is The University of Oslo.

More information about EUDAT at: