Extra allocation

It is possible to apply for EXTRA allocations during an on-going allocation period. This is meant for existing projects that were already given an allocation, but that run out of computing time before the end of the period. As the original application/project was already evaluated earlier, a light-weight procedure is used for requesting additional allocations:

How to apply for EXTRA allocations? 

  • Log on to the application forms (https://www.metacenter.no/mas/application/project/)
  • Click Applications in the left menu and your project(s) will be listed
  • Click Apply (in the same line as the project)
  • Fill the needed extra computing time for the relevant facilities and provide a short description of why the extra allocations are needed.
  • Submit the request

Note: A request for additional allocations is only possible for existing projects in the on-going allocation period. Once the allocation periods that were applied for in an application have expired, one must submit a new application for the project (with updated project description, resource requests, etc). It is not possible to prolong the validity of an application with additional allocation periods.