How to apply for user account

In order to apply for user account on our HPC or storage facilities;

  1. Go to


  2. Choose Notur for HPC and Norstore for storage and you will be send to a one-page application form


  3. A asterisk (*) indicates a recquired application field
  4. Please note that the e-mail address should be related to your affiliation, and not gmail, hotmail etc


  5. A mobile phone number is necessary to send password (Passwords are sent by SMS)


  6. If you already have a Notur or Norstore username, make sure you use this in the username field
  7. If your organization is not listed in the organization-list, please choose "Annen ekstern institusjon" and fill in the necessary details
  8. When you are asked to fill out start and end date, this means when you are expecting to begin/finish your work on the project
  9. In the last part; additional information, we ask for your eduPPN (eduPersonPrincipalName). This is a unique user identification used by Feide and can, for instance, be used to log in to Your eduPPN can be seen at Feide innsyn if you have a Feide account. If you do not have Feide, you can create an OpenIdP-account.
  10. To send the application you have to tick the application signature checkbox. By checking this box you acknowledge that the information you have filled in is as complete and accurate as possible.
  11. Press the Send application-button at the bottom of the page. A receipt will be sent to both you and the project leader.
  12. Project leader has to sign in to to sign the application before UNINETT Sigma2 can create the account
  13. Remember to change your temporary password at within 7 days
  14. It might take a working hour till you can log on the resources  (a working day for Abel)