HPC Software Resources

This page provides an overview of the application software that is available on each of the Notur systems.

The presence of application software for a specific system usually means that the software is centrally installed and available for all users of the system. However, certain restrictions may apply for software that has specific conditions for usage in the license agreement. The software can typically be used for academic non-commercial purposes. For other usage, in particular commercial usage, make sure that you are informed about the details of the software license.

For those who are unfamiliar with the development process, the Accessing HPC Machines page contains information on logging in and the development environment.


Pre-installed Software


The HPC machines come with pre-installed software either as modules or as independent installations. Though the software across the machines are similar or the same, there may be slight differences with the module names and versions installed. Refer to the machine-specific pages for more information.


Most of the software packages and libraries are loaded as modules, allowing the application to run under different environments. The module command is used for setting up the programming environment. Here is a list of the most common commands:

  • avail - list the available modules
  • list - list the currently loaded modules
  • load  <module name> - load the module called modulename
  • unload  <module name> - unload the module called module name
  • show <module name>  - display configuration settings for module name

For example, on Vilje, to load the Intel compiler and Message Passing Toolkit (MPT), enter:

module load intelcomp
module load mpt

The link below lists all the modules available on the HPC machines:


User-installed software

In case you have application software that you wish to install and execute on the Notur systems, but you are unsure which system is most suitable, we strongly advise you to contact the support staff.

HPC Documentation

The machines' individual documentation are found at their respective institution's websites: