International cooperation

UNINETT Sigma2 participates in several international initiatives and collaborations in the field of High Performance Computing, distributed computing and data infrastructure. 

The primary motivation to participate in international activities is that Norway in isolation does not have sufficient critical mass and funding to develop and maintain e-infrastructure services that at any time cover all the needs of Norwegian researchers and that is state-of-the-art concerning hardware, software, standards and policies.

The mission is thus to expand Norway's national e-infrastructure service offering through European cooperation, resulting in Norwegian research teams gaining benefits from the international cooperation.

PRACE - Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe 

The PRACE infrastructure gives access to to large HPC facilities in Europe. Supported by the Research Council Sigma2 is the Norwegian partner in the PRACE collaboration. Third parties are UiO and NTNU. 


EUDAT Collaborative Data Infrastructure

The EUDAT CDI is a European e-infrastructure of integrated data services and resources to support research. Sigma2 is the Norwegian partner in the EUDAT collaboration. Third party is UiO. 


NeIC - Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration 

NeIC facilitates development and operation of high quality e-infrastructure solutions in areas of joint Nordic interest.NeIC is a distributed organisation comprised of technical experts from HPC-centers within the Nordic countries, and Sigma2 is involved in several projects.