Introduction of user contribution model

Sigma2 is currently working on a proposal for a contribution model for funding of the national e-infrastructure.


USER CONTRIBUTION MODEL: Specifications and detailed information

There has been a  consultation with all the approximately 300 projects using our e-infrastructure services based on this version of the proposal. 

The result of this consultation has been discussed with Sigma2 board and will be discussed with the Research Council. An updated version will be sent to our administrative contacts at the universities for input, and then we hopefully will have a sound model that can be approved. 

Sigma2 will contact the projects directly that will most likely end up in category of "Large projects with NRC/EU funding" to discuss the introduction of this kind of model and possible consequences.

Commercial research projects or projects with a need for dedicated resources can already now apply for access to our services according to the descriptions in this document.

This page was published in 2016, updated information about the contribution model can be found here