National eVIR Workshop

eVIR - eInfrastructure for video research National infrastructure for video research. The scientific goal of the eVIR project is to develop high quality and up to date research methodologies in the humanities and social sciences.


Time and place:

  • March 7th 2017 • 10.00 AM – 3.30 PM
  • Room 107 Niels Henrik Abel house, University of Oslo

Part 1:
Norwegian Centre for Research Data (NSD)
eVIR and Services for sensitive data (TSD)

NSD Notification form: Registering projects and how NSD might help you. What do you need to know before filling out the notification form? Storing data: TSD University of Oslo talks about possibillities concerning data storage and working with stored data in accordance with requirements for managing and storing sensitive research data.

Part 2:
Lab solutions:
An opportunity to visit the different lab solutions within the fields of music, psychology and teacher education at Music and Motion Lab, Department of Psychology and Teaching Learning Videolab.

Who is the workshop for?
Researchers working with audio and video for use within research
and teaching. Technical support staff within the same area.


More information about the project: