New cluster C1 needs a name

We invite all users to participate in the finding of a name for the new cluster C1.

The competition is organized in two steps. First, we collect suggestions until 5 February 16:00 CET. Thereafter, we'll compile a short-list of practical suggestions and conduct a voting.

Every suggestion must include an explanation (motivation). For practical reasons, short names are preferred. You may enter as many suggestions as you want by filling out the form multiple times.

Please, see the online form for submitting suggestions.

The final competition voting form is available until 19 February.


In production soon

The new cluster, which will be placed in Trondheim, is designed to run workloads from Abel and Stallo (small numbers of cores/nodes, I/O intensive jobs).

A team from Sigma2 and the Metacenter has started to work with the vendor to prepare the new system for production in Q2 2019.