New supercomputer named Saga

Uninett Sigma2 invited our users to participate in the naming of the new supercomputer, previously known as C1. We received more than 400 different suggestions, and eventually Saga was named the winner.

The supercomputer is named after the godess in norse mythology associated with wisdom. Saga is also a term for the Icelandic epic prose literature.

The supercomputer, which will be placed at NTNU in Trondheim, is designed to run workloads from Abel and Stallo. It will be available to users during the second half of 2019.

Saga is provided by Hewlett Packard Enterprise and has a computational capacity of approximately 85 million CPU hours a year and a life expectancy of four yearuntil 2023. 


Saga – technical specifications

Main components

  • 200 standard compute nodes, with 40 cores and 192 GiB memory each
  • 28 medium memory compute nodes, with 40 cores and 384 GiB of memory each
  • 8 big memory nodes, with 3 TiB and 64 cores each
  • 8 GPU nodes, with 4 NVIDIA GPUs and 2 CPUs with 24 cores and 384 GiB memory each
  • 8 login and service nodes with 256 cores in total
  • 1 PB high metadata performance BeeGFS scratch file system

Key figures

  • Processor Cores: 10080
  • GPU units: 32
  • Internal Memory: 75 TiB
  • Internal disk: 91 TB NVMe
  • Central disk: 1 PB
  • Theoretical Performance (Rpeak): 645 TFLOPS


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