Project application tool

In order to apply for resources on the HPC or storage facilites, it is necessary to send an application.

  1. Log on to
  2. To log on it is necessary to authenticate with either FeideID or OpenIdP
  3. If you have an existing project, please renew this by using the renew-button to submit an ordinary application. And use the apply-button to submit an extra-application. If you have not used the new application tool yet, please use the Renew-button in one window and then open one of your old applications (under legacy) in another window and copy-paste your old application over to the new one. This is only necessary the first time you use the new application tool, next time you apply you only need to use the Renew-button.


  4. If you do not have any existing projects, please apply for resources for new project
  5. To navigate the application pages, you may use the buttons embedded in the content-part of the page. These buttons will automatically save your application when moving on, but will not stop you if a field is not correctly filled
  6. To check for errors in the form, please use the validate-button.
  7. The icons in the menu will show you the status of each page.
  8. Remember to submit the application
  9. If your application needs rework or you are not eligible to apply, your application will be rejected.
  10. For rework, please do the rework and submit again. If not eligible to apply, send us an email if you have questions.