Project Data Storage

Project data storage offers data storage facilities to a group of researchers that require a collaborative platform to store, share and manage large datasets.

The 'project data storage'  (also known as 'work area') allows researchers to transfer, process and share research data within a collaboration. Any publically funded research project is eligible to apply for access. The 'project data' service aims to provide a basic environment and facilities to enable storing and processing of digitial scientific data (the first few phases of the data life cycle).

In addition, the aim is to decouple (permanent and long-term) data archiving from the short term data storage and processing needs. Storing data in the NorStore project area also removes the dependency on other resources in the e-infrastructure (e.g., computers) such that resources can be removed without interrupting the access to relevant data. A consequence of introducing such mechanisms will be that data that is needed (or generated) on a specific resource may be stored remotely.



The following sections of documentation for the project area area available: