Research Data

Scientific Research Data represent and provide huge resources for the scientific communities and for the innovation of the society in its whole. To facilitate the researching process, IT services must be available to support researchers at any stage of the research data life cycle, from the early stages of the project planning, throughout the entire project lifetime and beyond. 

NIRD is the new National e-Infrastructure for Research Data, owned and operated by Uninett Sigma2.
NIRD provides a flexible and secure facility for storing research data and offers software tools and
applications to collect, store, process such data, high performance computing systems and 
on-demand computing resources to meet the researchers needs and enable them to tackle 
their scientific challenges. 

Create your Data Management Plan

EasyDMP is a web-based tool to create and manage data mangement plans from the early stages of the project proposal application throught the project lifetime and behond. 



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Store your Data

Project Storage offers large storage capability for your active research data, and the platform to run the analysis on your data. 




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Analyse your Data

Apply Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms, HPC resources, or connect Project Specific Portals to your data stored in the NIRD Project Storage to facilitate any type of analysis and visualisation.


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Archive your Data

Archive your Data. Archiving will ensure long term preservation of your data, discoverability and high availability, thus enhancing your scientific visibility at no cost! 



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