Research Data Archive

The Research Data Archive is a UNINETT Sigma2 service that allows users to publish their publicly funded academic research data.

Target group: 

The Research Data Archive is available to staff and students at Norwegian universities and university colleges. Researchers in independent research institutes may also gain access to this service, provided that their work is funded by public grants and meets requirements for scientific publication.


Access to the Research Data Archive is by Feide-authentication and subject to approval. Authorised researchers in Norway can submit their datasets to the archive. The datasets must conform with the open access policy and published with a suitable licence. The Norwegian License for Open Data and Creative Commons V4 licenses are provided as common options, but other licenses can be considered per request.

Status description: 

The service is in full production mode

Description of the service: 

The Research Data Archive aims to provide a repository of published research data. Approved academically funded researchers will be allowed to deposit published research data to the archive. The Archive is mandated to ensure the dataset remains accessible for up to 10 years after the publishing date. The information about the stored data (metadata) will be publicly accessible and the data itself will be available for download.

Persistent identifiers 

The Research Data Archive provides users a means of archiving, publishing and sharing their data openly. We provide published datasets with persistent identifiers (PIDs) using the DataCite DOI service. To upload and publish data, users are required to authenticate themselves via Feide or alternatively, using optional (non-verified) identifiers. Published metadata is provided in an ‘open access’ framework, which means that metadata is distributed and harvested anonymously.

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The costs associated with the operation of and investments for the service are covered by grants from the Research Council of Norway and contributions from four universities, the Universitites of Tromsø, Bergen and Oslo and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. In 2017, there will be a cost associated with using this service for new projects with grants from the Norwegian Research Council which includes e-infrastructure funding.

Organization of the service: 

UNINETT Sigma2 coordinates the national e-infrastructure both nationally and internationally. The Research Data Archive is a part of the UNINETT Sigma2 service national infrastructure for handling and storage of scientific data.