Services for Sensitive Data

The Services for Sensitive Data (TSD) is a platform to store, compute and analyse research sensitive data in compliance with Norwegian regulations regarding individuals’ privacy. TSD is developed and operated by UiO in partnership with UNINETT Sigma2, and is a part of the national infrastructure.

Target group: 

The service is available to researchers at Norwegian universities, colleges and other institutions that are owned by the state and have research or education as primary purpose. 



Sigma2 fosters and facilitates the usage of TSD for those research projects working with sensitive data and needing

  • HPC resources

  • 10 TB or more storage capacity

Projects not fulfilling the above criteria can contact or apply for TSD resources directly on the TSD webpage.

Only research projects that have obtained an approval from the data protection authority of reference (REK, NSD, Datatilsynet or similar) can make use of TSD. TSD is a service platform for research data and can not be use for clinical data.



Status description: 

The service is in full production mode

Description of the service: 

The Services for sensitive data (TSD) has been developed by University of Oslo in partnership with UNINETT Sigma2.  The service has been designed and set up to comply with the national legislations concerning research on sensitive data. The basic layout of the system is a secure centralised vault where data and backup are stored. Inside the secure environment reside all the TSD services, namely the high performance computing cluster, large storage capabilities, databases and data management infrastructure. Researchers working within a project, access the project-dedicated resources in TSD through remote connection to virtual machines. A large software portfolio is installed on every project specific virtual machine and on the cluster to allow analysis of the data inside the secure environment.  Additionally, the service “Nettskjema” (, which is a web- based enquiry service, has been integrated to allow delivery of PGP encrypted answers to TSD. TSD has lately enabled phone and tablet-apps to deliver data to TSD in the same manner.



The service has an annual fee, that covers two virtual machines, up to 1TiB of storage and backup, and use of Nettskjema. Extra yearly costs are applied for the services not covered by the annual fee, such as the use of the HPC cluster, more storage, use of database, use of licensed software not included in the software portfolio.

Projects supported by Sigma2 for the use of HPC or storage resources will be charged for these services according to the following price list:


Research project with resources granted by RFK(*)

Research project needing dedicated resources or special needs (**)

Yearly fee



Storage per TiB per year



Backup per TiB per year



HPC per CPU hour



Complete price list:

(*) If this price model will give you expences you consider unreasonable compared to what you have paid before, please contact

(**) Non-commercial Projects having special or extraordinary needs in terms of e.g. a certain predictability for allocations within a specific timeframe due to for instance international obligations or dependencies for other services.  


Order info: 
  • If you are planning to make use of the HPC resources inside TSD and/or you foresee the need for more than 10 TiB storage space you can apply for national e-Infrastructure resources granted by RFK through Sigma2 calls. Allocation will be evaluated by the RFK Allocation committee for large amount of CPU hours (<100 000) or large storage capability  (<25 TiB)

  • Sigma2 can grant a maximum of 100 000 CPU hours and maximum 25 TiB storage on behalf of the RFK Allocation Committee at any time between the calls, based on the  application mentioned above.

  • If you need dedicated or special resources you can also apply directly to Sigma2 ( In this case the allocation will be done by Sigma2.


In case you do not have already a project in TSD when the application is send to Sigma2 or to RFK trough Sigma2 and you are granted resources in TSD, then we will support you through the registration procedure for getting TSD access.

In general, by applying for TSD resources you accept the policies and prices stated here and you will receive an yearly invoice from Sigma2.


Organization of the service: 




The service has an availability of 95% over a period of one year.