Sigma2 launches the NIRD Toolkit

Sigma2 is pleased to announce the NIRD Toolkit at; a self-service portal where users have readily available various tools and computational capacity needed for their research.

The following tools are available:

More tools will come with time. In addition, the NIRD Toolkit is hosting particular key services to support the NIRD Research Data Lifecycle:


What is the NIRD Toolkit?

The NIRD Toolkit is a Software-as-a-Service infrastructure and consists of computing capacity connected directly to the NIRD storage infrastructure, thus allowing analysis and sharing of large dataset without movement of large data volumes. 

The NIRD Toolkit serves the need of the end users with a user‐friendly on‐demand computing platform.  

The software packages available on the NIRD Toolkit are generic software and community specific software. From its mixed CPU/GPU architecture, the NIRD Toolkit can support a wide variety of services, including visualisation, data analysis and post processing, as well as  GPU/CPU computing with small to moderate requirements for memory and computing capacity. It also supports Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning‐computing. 


Container technology and Kubernetes

The architecture of the NIRD Toolkit is based on the container technology orchestered by Kubernetes. The aim of using container technology is to package all needs for an application into a container that can run independently from other programs, operating systems or libraries. The use of containers and Kubernetes makes it easier to use applications across different infrastructures in a seamless manner.


More information and documentation

More information and documentation is available on