Sigma2 offers Services for Sensitive Data (TSD)

The Services for Sensitive Data (TSD) is now part of the Sigma2’s national infrastructure.

Services for Sensitive Data (TSD) offers a remote desktop solution for secure storage and high-performance computing on sensitive personal data. The service has been designed and set up to comply with the Norwegian regulations regarding individuals’ privacy.

TSD is developed and operated by UiO in partnership with UNINETT Sigma2. Since 2018, TSD has become part of the national e-Infrastructure offered by Sigma2. Researchers that have been granted though Sigma2, will be given access to the TSD resources at a subsidised price.


Who can apply for Sigma2’s resources in TSD?

Research projects, that have obtained an approval from the data protection authority of reference (REK, NSD, Datatilsynet or similar) may apply through Sigma2 for TSD resources if:

  • The project needs HPC compute resources
  • The project needs 10 TB or more storage capacity

TSD is a service for research data and shall not be used for clinical data.


How to apply?

The call for application is open now. The deadline is the 18th February 2019 and will grant access to the resources in the period April-September 2019:

Call for e-infrastructure resources 2019.1

Application for resources will be evaluated by the Resource Allocation Committee (URL) and granted on a per period basis.



For projects supported by public funding, the cost associated with TSD resources allocated trough Sigma2 will be partially covered by the Norwegian Research Council.


More information

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