Storage software resources

Norstore user-support attempts to provide the necessary (non-commericial) software packages as requested by users.

The table below shows a complete list of the software installed on


Software Version Type Comments
cdo 1.6.2rc3 climate  
cmor 2.7.1 climate  
gcc 4.9.2 compiler  
gdal 1.9.2-4 visualisation tool only on cruncher
git 1.7.1 subversion client  
grads 2.1.a2 visualisation tool  
grib_api 1.13.0 encoder/decoder  
hdf5 1.8.5p1 Libs for hdf5 file format  
imagemagick image processor  
intel 2015.1 compiler  
isis 1.3.8 image processor  
ncview 2.1.1 netcds visualisation tool  
netcdf 4.1.1 libs for netcdf file format  
ncl 6.2.1 command language  
nco 4.3.7-2 netcdf/hdf file processor  
openmpi.gnu 1.8.4 MPI Library 1.8.4 MPI Library  
parallel 20141122 gnu shell tool  
paraview 3.8.1-3 visualisation tool only on cruncher
pbzip2 parallel file archiver only on cruncher
pigz 2.3.1 parallel file archiver only on cruncher
pgi 13.4 compiler  
p7zip 9.20.1 file archiver  
qgis 1.8.0-16 visualisation tool  
svn 1.6.11 subversion client  
udunits 2.2.17 unit manipulation tool  
uuid 1.5.1 tools for netcdf files