Supercomputer access points

HPC supercomputers

Use a Secure Shell client (SSH) to log in to the supercomputers. It's called ssh on Linux, and putty on Windows. Transfer files with the utilities scp or sftp. On Windows, we recommend winscp.



It might take a working hour/day till you can log in after you got access/changed password:

  • Abel updates once per day.
  • Hexagon, Norstore, Stallo and Vilje update once per hour.


Storage supercomputers

Access to the Project data storage area is through front-end (login) nodes. Users must be registered and authorized by the project responsible before obtaining access.


Resource Server URI (access point) Purpose
norstore-osl front-end general
norstore-osl (high perf) general, not hpn-ssh enabled

To access or tranfer data to one of these resources, use the following commands: ssh, scp or stfp