Updated information about NIRD

For the sake of good order, we feel the need to give you some updated information regarding installation and start up of the new national storage infrastructure, NIRD - National Infrastructure for Research Data.


When the new storage infrastructure is ready, all projects will be migrated from NorStore to NIRD, in a prioritized order based on size. The largest project will be migrated first and so on. 

Description of the migration process

A high-level description of the migration process follows below:

  1. Migration of bulk data. The project is still writing new data to existing infrastructure and will therefore not be affected by the migration activities.
  2. Final synchronization.
    • Only changes are transferred to NIRD. During this operation, the project will not have write access, but as this operation is expected to be finalized fairly quickly, the consequences should be minimal.
    • Additionally the project will be informed in due time before final synchronization in order to be able to plan their work accordingly.
    • Finally, detailed user- and log in information to the new storage infrastructure will be provided to the project.
  3. The project is migrated and it will now have read and write access to the new storage infrastructure only. Write access to the old infrastructure will no longer be available. However, the  data will be kept on the old infrastructure for an agreed upon time so that the project is able to ensure that all data has been transferred satisfactorily. 

Migration starts late May

According to our estimates, the time needed to complete the migration process is approximately 3,5 months.  The vast majority of this time will of course be bulk migration and as such, have no impact on the projects. The bulk migration will start as soon as the acceptance testing of the new storage infrastructure is completed. Approximate startup of the migration process is in the end of May. 

Until your project has been completely migrated, the existing storage infrastructure NorStore will be available and used, as usual. The only consequence a project might experience is not being able to utilize 100% of its allocated quota until it has been fully migrated.

For more information, please contact sigma2@uninett.no