VASP user meeting

Wednesday 23 January a VASP user meeting was organized in Trondheim at SINTEF, hosting also members from NTNU.

This particular VASP community in Trondheim amounts to approximately 35 researchers. 

Topics for this meeting was future resources, including the international EuroHPC initiative, and the provisioning of VASP with auxiliary tools for simulations, pre- and post-processing. Workflow tools, in particular AiIDA, user documentation and VASP job script wrappers to improve run-time efficiency on our systems were also discussed.

In addition, Sigma2 addressed the possibility of running VASP simulations in Docker containers on our service platform or on associated cloud resources.

Finally,  possibilities for organizing a VASP and AiiDA workshop in 2019 was discussed, in co-operation with the VASP and AiiDA developers.

Please contact if you would like more information about the above topics, and in particular of you have viewpoints or specific interest in a VASP workshop.