Who can apply?

Individuals and groups from the following Norwegian organizations can apply for access to the resources in the national e-infrastructure:

The resources in the national e-infrastructure are available for research and education, but written agreements may be established with UNINETT Sigma2 for other usage of the resources. Organizations that do not fall in the above categories, but that would like to have access, should contact UNINETT Sigma2.

Postdoctoral fellowship or permanent position required

The applicant must either hold a permanent position or be a postdoctoral fellow at his/her organization. Master students, PhD students and guest researchers cannot apply directly, but must do this via a colleague (e.g., supervisor) that holds a permanent position or is a postdoctoral fellow at the organization. The postdoctoral fellow or the one with the permanent position has to be project leader for the project, but it is possible for other researchers to be assigned as assistant project leaders, so called executive officers (XO).