covid-19 under a microscope

COVID-19 and operation of Sigma2 services

Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) spreading and the recommendations of the Norwegian Government, neither Sigma2s nor the Metacenter employees will travel or attend external meetings for the foreseeable future.

According to this decision Sigma2 is cancelling all customer and stakeholder meetings as well as customer trainings and events until further notice. Sigma2 will make attempts to organize these meetings using virtual tools whenever feasible.

The operation of the services

The Norwegian Metacenter is a distributed virtual organization, which is a solid strength during the ongoing pandemic.

Since 2015, when the Sigma2-company was established, we have gathered valuable experience of conducting support to researchers through our virtual communication channels. Thus the shut-down of the universities and UNINETT Sigma2 will only mildly affect our services.

- Sigma2 will keep on to monitor the functioning of services and will eventually put more effort to ensure full support coverage on critical services, if necessary, says Sigma2s Managing Director, Gunnar Bøe.

- Together with Sigma2 employees, the highly qualified staff at the universities will continue to provide expertise to ensure that researchers can make optimal use of the national e-infrastructure resources via a variety of user support services, says Bøe.