covid-19 under a microscope

COVID-19 and Resource Allocation

The allocation meeting for computing and storage resources for allocation period 2020.1 will take place on Tuesday 17 March, as originally planned.

Despite of the coronavirus spread, the Resource Allocation Committee (RFK) will meet this week – in a digital conference - to evaluate the incoming applications for computing and storage facilities for research projects.

Minutes from the meeting will be available. 

Allocations available 1 April

After the RFK has assigned allocations to the various projects, the administration will effectuate the allocations in due time before the start of next allocation period, 1 April.

Within the deadline, the total amount of applied CPU-hours are 384 million, while the number on NIRD are approximately 11 PB disk. At the time of writing, 81 HPC applications are received past the deadline for application 9 February. They will be case handled after the start of the new allocation period.

Who are members of the RFK?

The RFK is composed of leading Norwegian scientists from relevant user groups who are appointed by the Sigma2 board. The RFK evaluates the proposals and awards access to Sigma2 computing and storage resources twice per year. Proposals for access must demonstrate scientific excellence and scientific need that the resources requested will be used efficiently.