Financing national e-infrastructure towards 2030 - report now available

The E-infra 2030 report, providing recommendations for a new national strategy for e-infrastructure services, is now available.  

The uptake and use of e-infrastructure is growing fast, in research, education, public services and industry. The main driving forces are an ever increasing amount of data and new methodologies to make use of these. As the needs for e-infrastructure resources, services and related competences grow, so does the case for sharing an effective national e-infrastructure. 

Current structure for funding near its limits

A shared national e-infrastructure needs adequate, fair and robust funding. The current structure for financing the development and operation of the national e-infrastructure in Norway is near its limits and no longer fit to meet the needs from current and future users for national high-performance computing and large-scale data storage resources.

A national working group, consisting of representatives from the four oldest universities, Sigma2 and the Research Council of Norway, was therefore tasked to look into these challenges and give directions for the future.

The result of the work are recommendations for an updated national implementation for the organisation, development and sustainable financing of national e-infrastructure services for high performance computing and large-scale data storage in Norway in the period from 2020 to 2030.

The final report (in Norwegian) can be downloaded here

The rectors of the four oldest universities have already made a statement (in Norwegian) about the situation.