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EOSC-Nordic midway review passed with flying colours

Diligent preparations paid off as the EOSC-Nordic project recently passed its important midway review. All the deliverables were approved by three experts appointed by the European Commission.  

NRIS (previously the Metacenter) is responsible for one of the project’s work packages, which aims to pilot services in the Nordic region. Participation in EOSC is important both for NRIS and for the contributing research communities.  

EOSC-Nordic provides us with the opportunity to work closely with researchers from the Climate, Health and Natural languages communities. This makes it easier to understand how we can help enable the increasingly cross-border research through identifying services and approaches that allow easier cross-border computation and data access and to help researchers increase the fairness of their data through the development of FAIR data management plans”, says Adil Hasan from UNINETT Sigma2, EOSC-Nordic WP5 Leader.  

In addition to the experts, five European Commission Officers participated in the digital review event, along with the Work Package leaders, the Project Management Board, the Coordinator, the Financial Coordinator, and the International Liaison. All EU granted projects must go through a review after roughly 18 months to see if they keep up the Grant Agreement and the provided funding. 

About EOSC-Nordic 

The European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) is an environment for hosting and processing research data to support EU science. One of the EOSC projects we participate in, is the EOSC Nordic, coordinated by NeIC. This project has a regional focus and includes promoting open science policies for cross-border research, provisioning of services and support for the implementation of FAIR principles. The aim is subsequently scale up to a European level.