Extra allocation

It is possible to apply for EXTRA allocations during an on-going allocation period. This is meant for existing projects that were already given an allocation, but that run out of computing time before the end of the period.

Projects that consume their allocations before the end of the allocation period may apply for additional resources to meet their needs.
Such applications are simple and require only a short justification, and can be submitted at any time during a period.

Applications are normally processed within 5 working days. It is good practice to submit such requests in due time before the resources are consumed and the urgency becomes precarious. Allocation is subject to resource availability.

Note: A request for additional allocations is only possible for existing projects in the on-going allocation period. Once the allocation periods that were applied for in an application have expired, one must submit a new application for the project (with updated project description, resource requests, etc).

It is not possible to prolong the validity of an application with additional allocation periods.

Storage on HPC
Requests for increased project storage on the HPC-facilities are submitted through e-mail to contact@sigma2.no, including an explanation of the needs.
Please make sure to read the documentation about the storage areas on HPC clusters before sending such a request.

How to apply for extra allocations

Log in to the application forms

Extra applications are handled through Metacenter Administration System (MAS)

Go to your projects in MAS

Click Apply on the same row as the project

In the list of your active projects, you should see a column for "Extra app." with a link to the application form.
The number above this link is a link to your last submitted extra application.



Fill in the needed extra quota

Add the required extra quota for the relevant facilities and provide a short description of why the extra allocations are needed. Please note that you are required to fill in the exact amount (for example 1000 for 1K CPU hours).

Make sure to provide a thorough text in the "Reason" field to help us understand your needs for more quota.

Submit the request

Now wait for us to process your application. You will be notified by e-mail when we have processed it.